Welcome to the auction! Follow the instructions below to bid:

  1. Select an item you want to bid on.
  2. Select make bid, and you will be prompted to create an account.
  3. Create account and password will be EMAILED to you. Remember/keep for future bids
  4. Make a bid! If outbid, bid again!
  5. When the auction ends the winners will receive an email where you can input more contact info, this is optional if your name and email are accurate when making an account.
  6. We will pass winner information on to Lisa Mosier, and she will be in contact for payment and other details.

These parking spots are for the Fall season sports only, there will be another auction for Winter and Spring seasons. Thanks for helping out the Tipton Tiger After Prom!

NOTE: This is a new system we are trying out, if you have any issues email wallick.cameron@gmail.com and I will help you out.